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Fintech Disruption of the Core IT Obstruction


Sponsored by: Paladin fs, LLC, CFO Consulting Partners and GTM

Wednesday, January 13, 2021


12:00 PM ET


1:00 PM ET

Fintech will disrupt every aspect of banking IT in the next 5 years but nobody is giving banks a plan on how to find, assess, procure and implement friendly fintech alternatives. Even worse, few are talking about the market obstruction being executed by the major Core IT suppliers and how this could blow up an institutions' efforts in executing an innovation and digital transformation plan.

In this session, Aaron Silva will reveal the shocking truth about the business and economic defects hidden deep inside supplier agreements preventing fintech adoption. You will leave with an implementable strategy for gaining the upper hand in their next contract renewal negotiation.


    - Shannon Croll, President- update on FMS Philadelphia Chapter
    - Speaker Presentation- Aaron Silva, Paladin fs, LLC
    - Shannon Croll, President- closing remarks




  • Golf and Dinner Before July 31, 2021: $200

  • Golf and Dinner After July 31, 2021: $225

  • Dinner Only: $50

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