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Let’s Talk! Strategic Planning and Succession Planning for Your Organization

March 8, 2023


2:00 PM ET


3:00 PM ET

Program Description

Strategic and Succession Planning

Just do it!

Why do the same strategic objectives pop up in strategic plans year, after year, after year....talent development, succession and digital transformation.

As organization leaders define their vision for the future with mid to long term goals, consideration should be given to support the changes within the financial industry as well as legal and regulatory conditions. Along with these considerations, it is important to also identify the critical positions within an organization and develop plans for qualified individuals to assume these positions.

We will have a one-hour discussion centered around the hot topics of both strategic and succession planning. Listen to best practices and approaches from 2 of the financial industries top experts.


    2:00 - 3:00 PM ET



Event Sponsors

Kaplan Partners

The Kafafian Group, Inc.

Refunds and Cancellations


Members: Free
Non-Members: $50

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